Tiny Angels and Demons

Those of you who read his latest post may recall how AE, my Snowman in Havana, was left reeling from the Tiny Shoes Photographer outside the Louvre in Paris.

You may not, however, have discovered clues to the Da Vinci Code code hidden within his article.

Q. Why would someone be taking pictures of a pair of tiny shoes in this key location of the film and novel?

He’s on to something, that’s why. Something so huge — well, I mean — something so potentially devastating that great lengths — I mean — great effort has been taken to keep it out of our reach

Do you know the secret of the Da Vinci Code code?

That’s right.


*   *   *

I can’t for my own safety go into any great detail but — like most untenable conspiracy theories — once the penny drops, you really start to wonder how you ever missed it.

The above example is, yes, particularly cogent; Hanks is clearly fitted with a digitally deficient, clumsy prosthetic paw. One imagines that the special effects artist believed the element of Bigface was enough to distract the viewer. But look through some of the film’s other promotional stills, and a whole range of different methods of concealment are to be found.

The Da Vinci Code code: Obstruction

The Da Vinci Code code: Truncation

The Da Vinci Code code: Misdirection

The Da Vinci Code code: False Perspective

The Da Vinci Code code: 'Act of God'

The Da Vinci Code code: Truancy

I’ve already said too much.


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