Knock, knock…

Here’s a little gem from last year (in real life) that didn’t get enough daylight:

Something wrong here... but what?

Remarkable not only for having been delivered in the future, this We missed you slip is a token of the kind of informational transparency we can only dream of — and this is before (and, confusingly, after) the Wikileaks hit the Man. It’s evidence of a level of customer service well beyond the call of duty — customer service that I missed out on, but beyond the call of duty nonetheless.

*   *   *

It’s nearing the end of 2011. Summer, having dominated the J-months, is preparing to move on. The leaves on the trees begin to float down to the London streets below.

A quiet suburb. The Sun advances toward its peak.

A lone figure moves toward the door.


The figure waits.



Again, nothing. The figure seems awkward; they shift their weight.


People are starting to look up from their business. The figure motions to leave, but decides to give it one more try.

I’ve got a packet for you…!

Again, nothing.

This wasn’t expected.

It’s brown…!

*   *   *

And it really was.


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