Internet Moustache Data Base

Imdb, for many including myself, has become a sort of movie Bible where at the touch of a button entire filmographies, news, quotes and anything else movie-related can come up and answer all your burning questions.

Like, I didn’t know John Goodman was Coach Harris in Revenge of The Nerds.

Or that Mila Kunis was in this piece of Hollywood genius:

Hogan. Kunis. FINALLY!

Imdb also makes suggestions, you know like when Facebook suggests you might like to purchase a T-shirt with David Schwimmer’s 3D face on it just because you listed Friends as one of your favourites TV shows when you were 14? Kinda like that.

Take a look at this page that came up the other day:

Nothing wr...

Now, after the initial shock of finding out that Bella from Twilight and Dennis Quaid share the same birthday, can you tell what’s actually nothing wrong here?


I’ll help you.

Thank you Interwebs!

There it is.

THAT’S the gallery of the week???

Ok, I’ll bite. Clicking…

What, no Sam Elliott?

9 shitty photos qualifies as a gallery?

Besides it’s a weird selection: Robert Downey Jr looks EXACTLY like Borat every single time I see him, Travolta sports really more of a goatee than a moustache and Jason Schwartzman’s on there for some reason.

Oh and this guy:


I can’t see his moustache. Unless they meant his hair?

Oh well.

Imdb may not be the best place to NOT enterthemoustache but at least I can enjoy its powers of reference forever.

So I typed moustache in the search bar…

3 films called Moustache.

One of them I OWN.

One of them this:


So the interesting thing abou…

*penis bleed*


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