Words: An Anal-isys

I’ll be honest: I’m no big fan of the word “anal”.

Even in its less graphic use it still warrants a mental step back before you can fully accept its second meaning. You’ve all had moments like these:

GUY: God that guy’s really anal.

YOUR BRAIN: Like anus? No wait… Ok, he means the “other”anal.

YOU: Nothing wrong there!

We all have.

So I’m trying to explain to a fellow French person that anal has a second meaning (fussy, annoyingly meticulous) but my claims are soon met with disbelief. Thankfully, the trusty Interwebs is always ready to lube-up my giddy daily entering of the snowman:

Say It With Ass

Right, ok so there’s a THIRD anal definition: apparently anal is also an entire language.

Still unsatisfied, I decided to delve deeper and deeper into Google’s anal chasm:


So many things!

1/ ANAL is in the top 10% of lookups on Merriam-Webster.com? I know this because of a POP-UP!

2/ ANAL is an abbreviation of ANAL?

3/ What’s an ANAL ANGLE?

4/ What’s situated “near” the anus? Oh…

5/ The bald man.



This page is awesome. But you know what else is awesome?

*scrolls down*

1769: Year of the Snowman

Here we find my second definition and…

Wait, lets see anal defined for English-language learners.

*clicks on audio file*

Pronounced WHAT?

*clicks on audio file*


Try it! It’s genius:


But back to our last page:


Here’s a fun fact: Napoleon Banaparte was born on the 15th of August 1769.


I just love the lack of any proof, reference, sense or specificity which comes with that statement.

It’s like: here it is guys! Anal-ise this!

*scrolls down*

Insert Comment Here

Hey, you know what DOESN’T rhyme with anal?


Oh and in the dictionary, it turns out, the word anal is next to the word anal. Oh and FYI:

– Analabos: a religious cloak.

– Anakrousis: syllables.

Both pretty harmless things to surround such a brutal word.

Ok, how do I end this…?

A MUG...


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One Response to Words: An Anal-isys

  1. Better a new friend than an old foe.

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