Enter The Earth

Now Thor is out and disappointingly not as awfully hilarious as we’d hoped, it’s probably time to close the book on it for the time being.

But, before we do this I think I should show you guys what I witnessed (and print-screened) on MSN when Thor was being heavily promoted:

2011: Year of the Ham

Can’t see what’s nothing wrong here?

Look closer…



Yes, potentially you could have skipped the film’s trailer…TO EARTH.

Just like in the film.

So I casually “skip to Earth” to find myself…

Enter The Experience

Earth or Asgard?

I know Earth and all it’s familiar, disappointing lameness so if I want to enter any kind of “experience” might as well make it a Norse God planet complete with rainbow bridges and glowing blue boxes!



Shame they could only come up with 2 hammer-related games, think of the possibilities!

Hammer Q-Bert

Hammer Pac-Man

Hammer Frogger

Alright I’m officially bored of Thor.

What else is on?

Water For Elephants?! What the hell is that?

From Norse to Horse



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