Fonts: we need ’em. No argument there.

The internet is crazy about fonts so trying to find a specific one for whatever artistic endeavour can be either an easy or frustrating task. For one thing, a lot of fonts need to be purchased. Like, people actually pay money for LETTERS.

But, of course, the internet being the whore that it is, some fonts you can find for nothing. They’re usually either not quite what you’re looking for or exactly what you’re looking for but don’t work for whatever reason.

Then again we have…

Italic, not stirred.

The JamesBond font.

I mean, I realise that looking for a James Bond font is pretty lame in the first place but I did find a decent enough Goldeneye font before that so really I was just curious to see what else the magical interwebs had to offer.

Sure enough, it delivered.



I don’t think that site knows what James Bond is.

No, I will not download JamesBond now: LOOK AT IT.

Wait, you mean the font, right?

26 people saw nothing wrong there though, maybe entering snowmen isn’t a big deal to them, it’s like eating ham.

Literally ANY of the fonts on here would have done the trick:

Dr No-thing wrong h...

But “No” I’ll have to make due with whatever the hell allfreefonts.com has to offer.

Lets look closer at the assness within…

All this and MORE!

Right, ok.

What, no circles?!

What else…



You know, maybe I’m just being mean. Maybe this IS the font for me.

Stand aside Goldeneye.ttf, my name is Bond.ttf, JamesBond.ttf.


*mouth and ass bleed into bucket*


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