Harry Potter And The Deathly Combovers

I don’t like Harry Potter.

I haven’t read the books, not due to laziness but rather due to a sense that if everyone’s reading and liking something, chances are it actually sucks. Besides, when you know The Worst Witch has existed since the 80’s, the words “rip” and “off” spring to mind. Let me refresh your memory:

That’s the series btw. But yeah, see! The school for witches, the horrendous acting and the witch teachers are all there and were already there for ages before those HP kids even existed.

I’m not here to bitch about the dull, poorly executed, lazy Harry Potter franchise though (woops), rather to talk about something which came to my attention when reading reviews for the latest (and final) instalment. After the snoozefest that was Half-Blood Prince, I decided not to witness whatever came next so I only have reviews and on-set photos to back me up but perhaps, just perhaps…that might be sufficient.

Basically, in the books (SPOILERS) I hear that all three kids live happily ever after, get married and have kids (yawn!). I also hear that we get to see old Harry, old Ron, old Hermione and old that-blonde-kid at the end of Deathly Hallows Part 2. So here we go:

Old Harry Part 1

Old Harry Part 2

The camera adds 30 years!

Remember the last time Daniel Radcliffe tried to look old?

He's 12!

So if you look back at the old Harry pics above, one thing you’ll find that pops into your head (besides shame) is Back To The Future 2. Yes. The film that made ageing young actors hip. Old Harry IS…


Old Marty McFly.

It’s uncanny. Now lets look at the rest of the gang.


Hate manure much?

Ron needs more bling. That’s all I gotta say.

Can I just take a moment and direct your attention to the fact that this is all real and IN THE MOVIE? Ok. Moving on.

Jonathan Pryce, no!



Anyway, by all means go check out the latest HP flick but just remember WHAT you’re watching.


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2 Responses to Harry Potter And The Deathly Combovers

  1. leeleegirl4 says:

    Tumnus was a faun not a goat. Get your mythical creatures right.

  2. Guest says:

    You should do yourself a big favor and read the Harry Potter series. JK Rowling is a fabulous storyteller. The wizard world she creates is SO much better than the movies. Its the details that delight you and transport you. The first two movies got the spirit of her books, but the rest left out so much of what was in the books, to their detriment. For instance in “The Order of the Phoenix”, George and Fred created more havoc than the fireworks (that didn’t disappear but continued to spin, bang and whiz through Hogwarts causing commotion and disrupting classes – especially Umbridge’s), they also created a swamp in the hallway that Umbridge could not get rid of and the other Professors refused to. Filtch had to row the students across the swamp so they could get to class. Her books are truly going to become as popular as Tolken and CS Lewis for generations to come. I totally agree about the movies. I didn’t like any of them either after the 2nd one. I’ve seen all of them and even the last one, the books were better than the movies.

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