Paper Gold: Brain and Face Maps

We’ve all experienced this. In a movie or a series, whenever someone reaches for something and looks at it, a picture frame, a piece of paper, it usually sucks.

I tried to escape it but this week wouldn’t let me.

So I’m sitting there watching Lost Season 2 when some guy suspected of being a bad guy (or “Other”) is locked up in the “hatch”. When Michelle Rodriguez walks in to interrogate him.


Anyway, the guy claims to have landed on the island on a big smiley face hot-air balloon (lol) and this prompts Michelle Rodriguez to ask him to draw a map to said balloon. It’s a bit later, Said checks the map:


At the back of that Brothers Karamazov title page I don’t see a map, I see paper GOLD.

That balloon is adorable. Probably the cutest thing ever drawn. The mountains are just lazy though and the jungle minimalist to say the least (it’s not there) but it’s all about that forest.

I take a break from J.J. Abrams’ creation to watch Nicolas Cage-starring film noir Deadfall (ass) when out of nowhere our main character picks up a picture frame after chatting to an ageing James Coburn…

Humans sparkle too!

Who once was a young, glowing, out of focus James Coburn. Man, it even looks like two James Coburns…


Oh well, looks like I won’t be getting my much needed quality watchin’ from the movies. It’s back to J.J. Abrams TV then I guess. Hell, why even watch Lost Season 2 when you have Fringe Season 2?

Come on Walter, decipher that message.

Make that message your bitch.

O. is H?



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