Who’s Afraid of Being Trapped in Another Universe in or Behind an Ice Cube?

Anyone who’s seen Mike Nichols’ movie adaptation of Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? will know it’s pretty much one of the greatest things ever.

Starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton as an unhappily married, bickering couple, it’s brutal, it’s real, it’s superb, and it finally came onto DVD a few years ago.

A real classic production, it…

— wait, let’s just zoom in there —

I don't remember THIS scene...

That’s right, it’s Taylor and Burton’s heads, each trapped inside a weirdly flat ice cube. Are they meant to be reflections? Because these guys are clearly occupying space either within or beyond the ice cube.

Is it some kind of overwrought emotional symbology? Because it looks like ass. What do you think it means?

Maybe this actually happened in the play. But how did they end up there?


I guess a classic 1966 movie adaptation with dynamic black and white cinematography was just somehow masticated into weird shit blue metaphorical graphics at some point. Look, it’s even on the disc:

That’s pride, my friend.

But don’t let this put you off — the movie is most definitely worth seeing, from its crackling opening scenes to the last bitter twist.


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