The Bear Facts: The Real Lie Behind the BBC’s Frozen Planet

So apparently the BBC et al staged a bit of David Attenborough’s latest epic documentary series, Frozen Planet. It’s all over the news; check out this, from Yahoo:

I’m sorry, you’re right, I did say news

There we go. Apparentz there was a shot of some baby-ass bears spliced into the rolling tundras that was actually filmed at a zoo…

Is that... is that Andy Serkis?

Pretty great, I’m sure you’ll agree — I love the fake snow touch — but it’s distracting people from the real lie behind the show.

*   *   *

Frozen Planet.




*   *   *


*   *   *


You’ve got to hand it to the makers of the series — it’s a real blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment.

This planet isn’t frozen — look at the brown bit on the right.

That’s real ground.

In distracting us with a debate over the validity of the bear cubs, Frozen Planet allows itself to get away with fictions on a much larger scale. See how the special effects team create a seemingly-authentic Arctic scene in this excerpt from the final episode — aptly titled On Thin Ice:

This polar bear isn't frozen; it's MOVING.

Clearly intervention was seen as necessary to alter a scene viewers would find frankly unconvincing. Cue a tranquilliser dart or three and ten minutes on Photoshop to cover up the footprints…

That's better.



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