Yee Olde Cheapo Shoppe

I love charity shops.

If charity shops didn’t exist, I’d just be nude. All the time. Nude and angry.

…probably quite a bit richer also.

But it’s not just the cheap stuff that’s great, it’s also the weird-ass stuff. The kind of stuff you’d never see in any self-respecting shop.

VHS tapes, novelisations, worn statuettes of Private Benjamin? By the thousands!

Shit you wouldn’t buy if your mother’s virginity depended on it!

Stuff like:

Why wouldn’t you buy inflatable insects?

I think this particular one is a bee.

Help me out g !

*   *   *


Other great things I found included great big red pants and a really expensive copy of Shark In Venice.

Also, a television with an in-built DVD player.

A £10 TV + DVD???


Oh charity shop, why did I ever mock thee?

*reaches in pocket*



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