Previously On Alias…

Revisiting Alias so soon after seeing the entire 5 seasons should have been a chore.

Instead, it’s a delightful opportunity to pick up on silly details left unnoticed the first time around.

For example, in the Season 1 episode entitled “The Coup”, Sydney Bristow finds herself having to infiltrate a casino in Las Vegas. In order to do this, she needs to make sure that Dixon’s hilarious disguise as a Jamaican ambassador fits in with the casino’s records.

She is briefed and it goes something a little bit like this:

So Sydney finds her way to some computer eventually and gets to work.

I like that bit: syd@ laptop$ open

Oh, and: syd@ laptop$ init razor-prisim

It’s all great.

Alright, lets see that “face recognition”.

lol I like Dixon.

Ok, what’s Will Tippin doing in the meantime?

You guessed it: being a little computer hacker himself!

Investigating secret organisation SD-6, Will finds himself forced to go up to some convict’s old office (which miraculously hasn’t changed in the 8 years he was put away) to download a file full of valuable information.

Serious shit.

Why is it dolphins always prompt so much genius?



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