How To Get The Number 23 Without Really Trying

Remember The Number 23?

Great great movie. Never saw it.

Actually I did see it. And although Jim Carrey’s career boasts its share of not-very-good efforts: Bruce Almighty, The Majestic, The Grinch… The Number 23 really was another level of balls.

That was before that penguin movie, of course.

How to describe that film’s shortcomings? Essentially you are dumped into this absurd story of obsession (with over-contrasted film noir-style sequences in between… don’t ask) and the only way you could ever accept it is if it all built up to something smart or at the very least mysterious enough to wrap things up logically but keep us guessing…

But instead, we got THIS:

Endless shots of that goddamn “Ned” dog!

But wait…


Ok if N = 14, E = 5 and D = 4…

And 14 + 5 + 4= 23…

Knowing that 23 to the power of little cube is…

Then THAT means…




(AE = 5)

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