Titanic Misses The Boat

The sinking of the Titanic seems to be the go-to event for soppy romances these days…

Whether it’s in overblown movie form or as idiotic Italian cartoon features, it just feels like  THE template for any bullshit-ass love story. Personally, I can’t take a Titanic movie seriously unless it makes some sort of creative effort…

I said EFFORT!!!

Which brings me to the advertising campaign for the new Titanic TV series. Lets see if you can spot the snowman in the room:

It’s obvious to me but I have a feeling that some of you are not getting it.

Lets see…


It’s SO hard to be this calm, handsome and collected when your balls are near frozen. I guess if you have a gun penis you learn to live with it but still…

She’s alright, she has a flying saucer hat and is holding an invisible ball of cheese.

Just like the REAL Titanic!


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