The Kids Aren’t Alright

Kids grow up so weird these days…

And I think I know why.

Increasingly I find that there’s a serious lack of imagination when it comes to writing books or magazines for kids.

You like the circus? You like pirates?


Take THAT creativity!

But it’s cool, you can always count on books for inventive surrealism. Circus and Pirates was a colouring book: baby stuff.

Lets move on to harder-edged matters, shall we?

“Barry The Fish With Fingers” by Sue Hendra.

I’m worried.

A fish with fingers is creepy enough but his fingers are literally “fish fingers” and that’s just messed-up.

I mean, his fingers are made of dead fish for crying out loud! I don’t go around showing off my people fins, do I? DO I?!

So, if like me you don’t think that’s the best reading material for your child there’s always…


Simple and to the point:

“I am a Bunny”.

That’s what kids like, right? Simple? Actually, if you look to your left you’ll find simplicity itself:

By the writer of “I am a Bunny”.

Hey, you know what’s great? STORIES!




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