Tintin’s Adventures In Awkwardland

I’ve been sitting on this one for a LONG time.

Mostly because I love Tintin and picking on Herge’s classic creation could potentially make my childhood cry hot, bitter tears.

But it’s no secret that the iconic character’s beginnings were about as politically correct as…

 Oh sure even later Tintin books occasionally lacked tact…

Pfff, Mitsuhirato you crudely drawn fool!

You can’t stop me, no-one can!

Sorry General…

Viva Alcazar!

But nothing even comes close to this:

Yes, Tintin In The Congo.

Instead of mindlessly picking on the dated book, which is so easy to do it’s almost redundant. I just wanted to recount my experience of growing-up with it.

Reading it as a little kid, I HATED it.

The obvious racist content, I realised later, was probably the main reason I found it so unpleasant to read through in the first place. But there was just something WAAAAAY off about the whole book, even if you somehow manage to hypnotise yourself into not seeing the offensive nature of the comic.


Tintin was an asshole in this!

Not only was he a colonialist douche, showing up in Congo and acting like he owned the place but he was just rude and condescending to others the entire time. What kind of hero was this?! You could have easily made Tintin the villain in this book.

In this part, he yells at these people to “get to work” and put their locomotive back on the rails but he’s not really helping himself, he’s just spouting out orders. And because, apparently everyone in Congo is lazy and cowardly, Tintin has to force them to fix their own problems even though… I’m pretty sure they would have done it anyway.

Look, even Snowy’s being a jerk!

It doesn’t help that everyone in that country treats Tintin like he’s Belgium’s answer to Jesus.

These guys are right: whole world do know him.

Hell, the book ends with everyone figuratively kissing Tintin’s ass out loud!

But here’s what REALLY freaked me out as a kid:


First the snake swallows Snowy, which was disturbing enough, but then Snowy pierces through the snake’s belly with its legs (ouch), Tintin shows up, the snake attacks him but instead of simply running away or shooting the snake, Tintin makes it EAT ITSELF!

That’s… just… sick!

It’s cruel, unnecessary and a really unpleasant image. I’m sitting here chewing on my unhealthily delicious French cereal, I’m like 4, I’m reading a comic-book and I feel like puking my ass out!

Thanks Herge!

Pretty sure Tintin kills a gorilla and wears its skin as well later. And shoots a bunch of other animals as well.

Because no-one f***s with Tintin, motherf****ers!

Thankfully, the character was made likeable eventually and as stereotypical as some of the following books could get, they never even came close to Tintin’s Congo outing which is just not ok. I don’t think the books should be banned or anything because it’s part of history and you shouldn’t just wipe away something like that and pretend like it never happened, sweeping it under the rug and all, but I don’t think kids should read it because…

It’s ass.



(skin lol)






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