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Junk Chunk

You know our stance in regards to junk mail by now… But this is really a joke now. Can you see it? Forget about the fact that I’m being offered a non-existent £20 to play the most boring game ever … Continue reading

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Face Gardens

Merchandising, setting up shop window displays can, believe it or not, be kinda fun. You get to be a bit of an advertising whore but in a way that’s artistic enough so you don’t feel like a total sell-out (even … Continue reading

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Menage A Dolls

It’s crazy what goes on behind closed doors. Or in boxes. A recent trip to a charity shop was a real eye opener. It’s just like Toy Story. Except for all the breasts and intercourse. It’s a Pixar orgy! You’ve … Continue reading

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All In A Day’s Work

What a day, what a day… So many memorable sights. First: What is it with ducks and faeces? Ducks get a bad rep. First Toilet Duck and now this?! Am I the only one who doesn’t get the connection between these … Continue reading

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