All In A Day’s Work

What a day, what a day…

So many memorable sights.


What is it with ducks and faeces?

Ducks get a bad rep. First Toilet Duck and now this?!

Am I the only one who doesn’t get the connection between these guys and our shitty pipes?

I guess I must be…

Anyway, that was literally the first thing I saw today. Then I wandered down the road to the poor man’s Boots, “Savers“, to witness:


This is such a weird product: a straw filled to the brim with tiny pink balls which you suck milk through and somehow you get a strawberry taste out of it.

Wouldn’t the balls just slide down into the glass?

Do you have to suck it all in one go?

Do they melt?


So many questions…

Whatever, what’s really weird about this one is that, once again, we’re faced with the unsettling idea of a grown cow drinking milk.

Milk from ITSELF.

A cow called Dr Moo.

A cow called Dr Moo who also happens to be nothing more than a floating head.


Finally, my journey ended at the secondhand DVD store:


First of all: MINDHUNTERS? Really?

The Mindhunters playing in my head sounds waaaay cooler than some standard-ass serial killer flick which may or may not star kind of but probably not really Val Kilmer and Christian Slater.

It involves floating brains with sunglasses and Blade Runner-style cops shooting laser beams.

Then again, I AM 5 years old…

But yeah, this was my day in a nutshell. Let it live on for all eternity.

Oh, I also took a shit.


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