Food Fornication

Who doesn’t like food?

FOOLS, that’s who.

Now I enjoy the odd burger and the odd pizza but when I received this flyer through my door:

Pizza Hut

Something just didn’t feel right.

How can two good things in one not be glorious?

Having not tasted that Cheeseburger Pizza, I guess I can’t really say whether this is any good or not but looking at it, I can’t say I find it all that appetising.

Cheese burger

It really feels like a heart attack waiting to happen. Besides, isn’t the whole point of a pizza that the cool toppings are in and around the middle? Why stuff everything in the crust?

Pretty soon they’ll be stuffing pizza crusts with pizza…

I guess this really is for people who can’t decide what the hell they want to eat, something which Burger King makes very clear when promoting their…


I don’t buy this whole sharing bullshit, by the way. Pizzas have always been really easy to share and who wants to share a burger? Just get your own damn burger, Shary Sharerson.

This pizza burger somehow manages to look just like a regular burger and yet way more disgusting than a regular burger. I guess maybe because it’s the size of a PIZZA!

Pizza Burger

Oh, and people who don’t like eating regular pizza crusts and choose stuffed crusts or Cheeseburger crusts because of that, just a little piece of advice:

Find better pizza places.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a delicious pancake burger waiting for me.

Pancake Burger

Mmmmm, palpitations…


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2 Responses to Food Fornication

  1. FUCK YEAG! burger everything!

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