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Down With Poo!

More French-themed enterthesnowman goodness for y’all. You know Marseilles? The place that’s both a city in France AND a dish-washing liquid flavour? Well, as nice of a place as it is, some people seem unsatisfied with it. Case and point: … Continue reading

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Doppelganger Cruise

Let’s take a trip! Hell, let’s take a cruise! Now this is a French flier so I’ll translate. “The Cruise Of Lookalikes: Song, Dance, Laughs.” Yes, it’s exactly what you think. Here’s a cruise which prides itself on being packed … Continue reading

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Few days ago, I was on the train and something happened. Something I can’t quite explain. A dude walked up to the empty seat in front of me and left this: The weird thing, despite the placing of the chestnut, … Continue reading

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Brittany’s Harshtag

Twitter‘s great. Bad things in real life happen and you no longer have to wait 30 seconds to find out! Now everything just “trends” and straight-away you can be free to hashtag a celebrity who just died followed by a … Continue reading

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Sandy Willy

Wouldn’t it be weird if there was a Prince William/Kate Middleton/whatever their baby’s called sculpture in the middle of London made out of sand? And it was really ugly? I wonder… Wow. Just… wow. Where to even start with this … Continue reading

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