Few days ago, I was on the train and something happened.

Something I can’t quite explain.

A dude walked up to the empty seat in front of me and left this:

ChestnutThe weird thing, despite the placing of the chestnut, is that our eyes met for a second mere moments before the surreal event. Which left me to wonder:

Is this his way of asking me out?

Or is he just part of some kind of weird cult that goes around town charming dudes with chestnuts?

You know what, being asked out is, more often than not, flattering: this is just…

I don’t know what this is.

The other theory could be that he’s some kind of posh/pretend-poor art student with a dream. A dream of one day selling videos of him chestnutting strangers all around London to eccentric aristocrats and living on unicorn milk for the rest of his days.

I went online looking into potential chestnut-inspired art projects and this is basically all I could find:

Chestnut ArtThank you Google.

Thank you very much.

Chestnut Art 2You’ve failed me once again.

But ok, what else could this whole chestnut thing be about?

Was that guy crazy? Was he just carrying a chestnut around and was unsure as to how best to get rid of it? Why me? Why a chestnut?

F*** knows.

All I know is that it means something.

I mean, just look at what I happened to see on my way home THE SAME DAY:

IMG_0683Should I be worried?

I’m worried.



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