Doppelganger Cruise

Let’s take a trip!

Hell, let’s take a cruise!

Croisiere Des sosiesNow this is a French flier so I’ll translate.

“The Cruise Of Lookalikes: Song, Dance, Laughs.”

Yes, it’s exactly what you think.

Here’s a cruise which prides itself on being packed full of celebrity lookalikes. Not celebrities: people who look (or sometimes DON’T look) like celebrities.

French celebrities.

Most of which are unknowns to the rest of the world.

Les ArtistesHere they are: the “stars” of the show.

You’ve got Elvis Presley in there, of course, you’ve got popular, late French comedian Coluche (the only one who looks sort of decent as a lookalike, by the way), classic popstars like Dalida, Claude Francois and Michel Sardou AND, my favourite, impersonator Laurent Gerra:

GerraNow Gerra is kind of like the French equivalent to Bob Saget, except he impersonates celebrities.

Which means that the person impersonating Laurent Gerra will ALSO be impersonating countless other celebrities WHILE looking like him. This guy’s like the Inception of lookalikes!

Artist Pics 2Each picture is supported by a short, boring biography of each lookalike and…


ArtistesWhat’s with the **?

ReserveOh great: the lookalikes aren’t even all confirmed for this friggin’ thing. Half of them could just bow out at any moment!

Could you imagine?

You’re going on this cruise hoping to see your favourite celebrity horribly imitated.

Like, for example, Jacques Brel:

BrelAnd fake Jacques Brel doesn’t show up!

Your shitty cruise would be RUINED!!!

On second thoughts, let us not go to that lookalike cruise.

It is a silly place.



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