2 Cloudy 2 Furious

Hollywood movies get the weirdest French titles sometimes…

Last year, we saw The Host become:

120x160 Trilogie 11_01(The Vagrant Souls)

But this weird re-titling has been going on since forever, I mean, remember Sleeper?

Well in France no-one knows it as Sleeper.

Everyone, however, knows:

woody-et-les-robots-20110420064752“Woody And The Robots”!

Now, I don’t mind taking a normal title and making it sound silly, that’s been going on non-stop since the dawn of time.

Even changing an English title to another, sillier sounding, English title I don’t mind:

Sex-Friends-Affiche-FranceEspecially when the movie sucks regardless.

I have to draw the line, though, at taking a title that already sounds absurd and making it sound, somehow, even goofier.

Case and point: Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2.

Ile Des Miamnimaux

Ok, let me translate exactly what they’ve done here.

I’ll stop every so often to take a breath.

“The Island Of Yum-Nimals”.


“Storm Of The Giant Meatballs 2”.

Now, I don’t know what the hell a “yum-nimal” is. I’m guessing, if I remember the movie’s trailer correctly, that they’re animals made of food?

Or… food made of animals?

I’m also guessing from the “yum” that they’re delicious?

CheespiderNope, not eating that.

You know, I’m starting to think that this movie kinda asked for its even sillier French title…

I mean, after all, IT came up with the sickening idea of “Foodimals”!

foodimalsJust look at the list the film’s Wiki page gives us:





I like how some are creative and ever-so-slightly convoluted like “Tyranno-s’more-us Mess” and others are just:


What else is there?

Food PeopleF-food… people?!

Right, you win, Cloudy 2.

You keep your crazy long, crazy-sounding French title, you deserve it!

Crazy flick…


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