FaceApp: Episode I – The Mannequin Menace

So you know how FaceApp is currently both the dumbest and the best app?

Dull selfies are transformed into absurd gems in a single tap and one can’t help but adore every goofy function the app has to offer.

One minor flaw: you can’t make just ANYTHING into an old man.

But what if you could put a smile on an inanimate object? Brighten up ITS day and, by extension, yours?

Take this lovely mannequin lady, for example:

Bald, proud and dignified.

And yet she deserves better than this glum pout.

Thanks to FaceApp, she’s never been happier AND her complexion is much healthier.

She can even be a man if she wants.

The possibilities are definitely not endless but certainly go a long way.

Now, I put it to you, kind readers of this post: would you rather live in a world full of moody, grumpy mannequins?

Or live in MY world, a world full of happy, gender fluid fake people?

I bet I can guess.

FaceApp gives us a glimpse into a better, more uplifting and possible world so, I beg you: go out there, happy-up your mannequins for this is the future we want and deserve.

Keep in mind, though…

It’s not a perfect science.

Serves us right for playing God.


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