Be Our Fruits


Slippery little buggers.

And yet so delicious!

It was only a matter of time before advertisers would discover their potential.

Chiquita didn’t just add colour to our bananas but removing those stickers is a fun game in itself!

Thank you Chiquita.

Disney being the big players when it comes to movies about talking inanimate objects, it’s no surprise why they used bananas as a selling tool for their biggest blockbusters.

Dole and Disney came together this year to celebrate the release of Beauty and the Beast (not the animated one, the one that looks like ass).

Talk about a winning combination!

I see what they did there.

Using the word “Beauty” in bold and placing a movie-based book next to a bunch of fruits really is an inspiring and inspired advertising hook.

And the BEAUTY is that Dole can just do that with anything!

Personally I would have made those fruits talk but this is good too.

I bet pineapples sound like real pricks.


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