Tostitos Locos

Target supermarkets house some of the greatest things on this Earth.

From Jumbo Push-Pops to baconnaise and Kevin James DVDs, few shopping experiences even compare.

Thanks to Target, you could even win prizes! But not just any prizes: the best gosh darn prizes this side of wherever.

Case in point: Tostitos.

I think this deserves a close-up:

Yes, you read right.

As if winning $1,000 wasn’t good enough, thanks to Tostitos you could also win a piñata of YOURSELF!



How dare you even ask.

To have sex with, of course!

Except instead of fluids, your reward is candy. The candy, as far as I know, is not shaped like yourself but wouldn’t that just be the cherry on the sundae?

Anyway, let’s see what FaceApp thinks about all this.

Time goes fast when you’re having fun.

Too fast.


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