Jay Jay Joy Joy

Once upon a time, there was a DVD I encountered in a charity shop.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you: these jet planes have human faces.
Apparently, Thomas The Tank Engine didn’t look quite human enough for the kids watching so Jay Jay The Jet Plane (and his ugly-ass friends) was born.

Taking a page out of the inexplicable Cars and Planes movies, this CGI animated show doesn’t just give planes human faces but flesh coloured human faces, adding an extra layer of realism to the whole thing.

One can then hypothesize that Jay Jay’s adventures are taking place about a hundred years post Cars or Planes, when car scientists finally mastered the art of splicing mechanical and human beings.

Look how expressive those jet planes are:

In your flat, car-coloured faces, Pixar!

Think of the possibilities, marketing-wise. Disney have no chance of competing with human-faced planes.



You name it, Jay Jay can be it.

Look at Disney’s face right now:

Good luck selling your regular, boring old mouthy planes as balloons.

There is one flaw, admittedly, when it comes to human-faced jet planes.

Do you see it?

Look closer.


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1 Response to Jay Jay Joy Joy

  1. I watched this show as a child, and I’d like to blame it for the years I spent assuming most vehicles were alive and wearing masks. If it hadn’t been for those planes, I might be a normal person.

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