Sometimes the world gives you a riddle.

Sometimes it gives you gold.

This is both:

Let’s take a closer look.

Let’s REALLY enterthesnowman.

There’s translation errors and then there’s this wonderfully not proofread piece of advertising.

It’s like a whole new language has been created!

Let’s try and figure this out.

Ok, first of all: “Bebelieve”.

Now this one’s obviously an inspirational layer cake word type of deal.

It’s like “To The Max” and “Just Do It” had a child and called it Maxit Do Toto.

To be and to believe are not the same thing but “Bebelieve” appears to signify “believe in yourself”. 

Yeah, let’s go with that.

The rest of that phrase now feels redundant so let’s just delete it. You can’t be or believe in your beauty anyway, that’s nonsense.

Oh boy.

Right, so there’s probably a word missing here.

Then again, what would “delight in your feeling” even mean? And that’s the best case scenario!

Best I can figure out is delighting in one’s feeling would equate to basking in your own vanity but that’s really not much of a message so let’s tone it down a bit and make it mean something more along the lines of “enjoy your life” or some shit.


The poster makes sense, sort of.

Your life has meaning again.


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