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FaceApp: Episode I – The Mannequin Menace

So you know how FaceApp is currently both the dumbest and the best app? Dull selfies are transformed into absurd gems in a single tap and one can’t help but adore every goofy function the app has to offer. One … Continue reading

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Brittany’s Harshtag

Twitter‘s great. Bad things in real life happen and you no longer have to wait 30 seconds to find out! Now everything just “trends” and straight-away you can be free to hashtag a celebrity who just died followed by a … Continue reading

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Breaking News!

Courtesy of Empire Magazine. I knew it! AE

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Junk Chunk

You know our stance in regards to junk mail by now… But this is really a joke now. Can you see it? Forget about the fact that I’m being offered a non-existent £20 to play the most boring game ever … Continue reading

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Bacon Word Sandwich

By now you should be relatively familiar with The Oracle Of Bacon At first, I started simple: Of course. Huh?! WHO THE HELL IS… ? He sounds nothing like “the snowman”! But ok, the site is  linked to ImdB so … Continue reading

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Naked Man With Hat

So being a serial blogger, I obviously run a few blogs, two of them within that bouncy, supple WordPress bosom that smells and tastes so good. Mmmmm, strawberries… You’ve got enterthesnowman, your home and cyber holy grail and new sci-fi … Continue reading

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