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Sometimes the world gives you a riddle. Sometimes it gives you gold. This is both: Let’s take a closer look. Let’s REALLY enterthesnowman. There’s translation errors and then there’s this wonderfully not proofread piece of advertising. It’s like a whole … Continue reading

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Jay Jay Joy Joy

Once upon a time, there was a DVD I encountered in a charity shop. No, your eyes are not deceiving you: these jet planes have human faces. Apparently, Thomas The Tank Engine didn’t look quite human enough for the kids … Continue reading

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Tostitos Locos

Target supermarkets house some of the greatest things on this Earth. From Jumbo Push-Pops to baconnaise and Kevin James DVDs, few shopping experiences even compare. Thanks to Target, you could even win prizes! But not just any prizes: the best … Continue reading

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Down With Poo!

More French-themed enterthesnowman goodness for y’all. You know Marseilles? The place that’s both a city in France AND a dish-washing liquid flavour? Well, as nice of a place as it is, some people seem unsatisfied with it. Case and point: … Continue reading

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Cage Mount: The Movie

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Side Salad: On The Side

Travelling with Ryanair is always something of a unique experience. The crazy queues, the usual Priority Boarding scam, the tiny seats, the no free anything… Still, it’s cheap so can’t complain. I do think their advertising, when it comes to … Continue reading

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Merry (enterthesnowman) Christmas!

It’s Christmas! And you know what that means? Time to enterthesnowman! Look at him, so majestic… What elegance… But wait! Someone’s… Entering… Mmmmm… It feels SO good. Christmas… AE

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