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Sometimes the world gives you a riddle. Sometimes it gives you gold. This is both: Let’s take a closer look. Let’s REALLY enterthesnowman. There’s translation errors and then there’s this wonderfully not proofread piece of advertising. It’s like a whole … Continue reading

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Jay Jay Joy Joy

Once upon a time, there was a DVD I encountered in a charity shop. No, your eyes are not deceiving you: these jet planes have human faces. Apparently, Thomas The Tank Engine didn’t look quite human enough for the kids … Continue reading

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Tostitos Locos

Target supermarkets house some of the greatest things on this Earth. From Jumbo Push-Pops to baconnaise and Kevin James DVDs, few shopping experiences even compare. Thanks to Target, you could even win prizes! But not just any prizes: the best … Continue reading

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FaceApp: Episode I – The Mannequin Menace

So you know how FaceApp is currently both the dumbest and the best app? Dull selfies are transformed into absurd gems in a single tap and one can’t help but adore every goofy function the app has to offer. One … Continue reading

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Yach Bauer

So… 24‘s coming back soon. That’s pretty awesome. You know what else is pretty awesome, though? Yup. AE

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2 Cloudy 2 Furious

Hollywood movies get the weirdest French titles sometimes… Last year, we saw The Host become: (The Vagrant Souls) But this weird re-titling has been going on since forever, I mean, remember Sleeper? Well in France no-one knows it as Sleeper. … Continue reading

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