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Sometimes the world gives you a riddle. Sometimes it gives you gold. This is both: Let’s take a closer look. Let’s REALLY enterthesnowman. There’s translation errors and then there’s this wonderfully not proofread piece of advertising. It’s like a whole … Continue reading

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FaceApp: Episode I – The Mannequin Menace

So you know how FaceApp is currently both the dumbest and the best app? Dull selfies are transformed into absurd gems in a single tap and one can’t help but adore every goofy function the app has to offer. One … Continue reading

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Few days ago, I was on the train and something happened. Something I can’t quite explain. A dude walked up to the empty seat in front of me and left this: The weird thing, despite the placing of the chestnut, … Continue reading

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Cows 4 Eva

Well, it’s official. Everything’s now for sale. Anywhere. One second you’re in London, in Waterloo, walking around, minding your own business. The next second: You’re buying cows. FOUR OF THEM!!! Wait… Sorry, I misread the sign. COWS. FOR. SALE. The … Continue reading

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Menage A Dolls

It’s crazy what goes on behind closed doors. Or in boxes. A recent trip to a charity shop was a real eye opener. It’s just like Toy Story. Except for all the breasts and intercourse. It’s a Pixar orgy! You’ve … Continue reading

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The (Human) Fly

Movies often picture codes between secret agents or criminals as something playful and a bit goofy. Then there’s The Saint. Nope. Theeeere it is. The Saint does a lot of things RIGHT, surprisingly. Well, some. One of them isn’t its … Continue reading

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Sex And Zenterthesnowman

OMFG people. This is it. The best thing ever. Just…get ready to enter that snowman… F***ing AMAZING. AE

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