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Down With Poo!

More French-themed enterthesnowman goodness for y’all. You know Marseilles? The place that’s both a city in France AND a dish-washing liquid flavour? Well, as nice of a place as it is, some people seem unsatisfied with it. Case and point: … Continue reading

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Cows 4 Eva

Well, it’s official. Everything’s now for sale. Anywhere. One second you’re in London, in Waterloo, walking around, minding your own business. The next second: You’re buying cows. FOUR OF THEM!!! Wait… Sorry, I misread the sign. COWS. FOR. SALE. The … Continue reading

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Ginger Nuts

You ever see something that wasn’t actually funny except in that childish 5-year old mentality of yours? You know? AE

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